Welcome to the Roaring 1920's



A world of slick style and hard liquor



The home of live music and cabaret



The Bureau and Venue Private Hire



Prohibition Cabaret Bar is the award winning home of all things entertainment for performers and audiences alike. Built specifically to provide a stage for variety, cabaret, music hall and vaudeville acts from the region and beyond and a fully fitted Private Hire venue for parties and live shows galore!

Established in 2015 Prohibition set up camp in a working railway arch in a cobbled back street just off the Gateshead side of the famous Tyne Bridge. In January 2019 owner Mitch Mitchell moved the whole venue; lock, stock and two oak-smoked barrels over to the cobbles of the notorious Pink Lane, in Newcastle’s bustling West End, taking over the iconic former Jazz Cafe premises where Mitch and Co breathed new life into the old walls and brought back the true spirit of Jazz and the era that started it all!


For General Enquiries please drop us a line on: prohibitionnewcastle@gmail.com

For Private Hire or Live booking enquiries it's: prohibitionbookings@gmail.com


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