Once we reopen, in an effort to save a few pennies and so as not to waste energy, we have decided to close the bar midweek and just focus on Friday, Saturday and Sunday openings. Until the restrictions on the industry are eased we simply cannot see a way to be able to sustain the business at our usual full opening hours. Closing on these week nights will save a lot of wasted time and money and will help us stay open as a business for longer, with the hope to seeing us through and out to the other side of this current pandemic situation. The Prohibition Act events will still go ahead on the Friday or Saturday nights as listed on the What’s On page and the Sunday Silver Screen cinema club will continue on Sunday afternoons around other planned events. The weekly Wednesday night quiz will run both in-house and online. We completely understand why the restrictions are in place and we support the efforts being made to help lower the rate of infection across Newcastle and are happy to do our bit. Our priority has always been you, our customers, but if we may be honest, we do need to think about how we can keep the business running while we are limited in so many ways until we can get back to full Prohibition swing, 6 nights a week on both floors. Please stay tuned for more info and our new opening hours, TBC soon!


Monday – Thursday: CLOSED

Friday: 5pm – 10pm TBC

Saturday: 2pm – 10pm TBC

Sunday: 2pm – 6pm TBC


Entry will work on a first come, first served basis and you can rest assured I have made your safety and comfort my priority. For absolute fairness I won’t be taking any reservations or bookings – my doors are open to all and some of my customers don’t have access to emails or social media to book. Simply drop by during opening hours and we’ll hope to be able to accommodate you. Please don’t be cross with us if we are fully seated. We have rules to follow and we won’t ever go over our capacity so please don’t ask us to. We’d be delighted for you to offer one of our many neighbouring bars your much valued custom and perhaps pop back to us later in the evening and try again.

You won’t be asked to download any fussy apps or anything though those of you who have the NHS Covid-19 App can scan our site specific QR code at the entrance if they prefer to use the app. We are taking most customers details using a traditional pen and paper record which will be stored securely for the required 21 days following all GDPR compliance and then shredded. This way your private information won’t be held online anywhere without your permission. Taking these details is now a legal requirement. We also ask that you allow us to record your temperature on arrival, without this we will not allow entry.

The new measures we’ve taken to keep everyone on the premises safe include:

* My staff and I are temperature tested on arrival before our shifts begin and PPE is provided wherever necessary or requested.
* My staff and I are handwashing and hand sanitising more thoroughly and frequently between serving drinks, handling payments and approaching tables.
* We have placed hand sanitiser at the door and on the bar for your use and all our bathroom handwash has been replaced with anti-bacterial soap.
* We are now taking your drinks orders at your table and while we can still take cash if necessary we would of course prefer if you paid using contacless/card.
* We have moved Heaven and Earth as well as our furniture to ensure the appropriate distancing measures are in effect throughout the venue.
* We have stepped up our WC cleaning schedule and are checking our facilities hourly, recording this on the visible check sheets in each bathroom.
* All our cleaning products used are anti-viral and anti-bacterial and we use disposable products where possible to minimise the further spread of the virus.
* We run a weekly deep clean of the entire venue, from top to bottom getting into all those nooks and crannies, eradicating any trace of bugs and germs.

While there are fewer seats I’ve done my very best to ensure the look and feel of the bar does not detract from our usual award winning aesthetic and I hope you will still feel the warmth and cosiness of the space as you have enjoyed before. I think I’ve managed to keep the set up as ‘Prohibition-y’ as possible while still abiding by the government guidelines and regulations and without it feeling overly clinical or sparse.

For the safety of our customers and staff, we ask that you only visit us with members of your family or household/bubble until we are given notification otherwise. We can, of course, still cater for tables of 4 people maximum in order to better monitor and regulate the risk of mixing with too many people unnecessarily. We can’t seat people from two different groups together or move our furniture side by side to accommodate larger groups. The furniture has been set out and distanced to the correct spacing and has to stay that way we’re afraid. Over time we’re sure the restrictions will ease but until then we really aught to do our best to follow them as best we can and help pave the road to recovery. Customers are politely asked to respect these procedures and help us to look after everyone on the premises.

We will do our best to serve you in a timely and organised manner, but remember, Prohibition moves at a different pace. We take things easy, we do things the old fashioned way, it’s all about slowing things down and enjoying the good stock, the good company and the good times, and that’s what we do best. The sweet jazz music will be at a pleasant background level for talking and catching up, the table candles will be lit, the lights down low and we’re ready when you are to welcome you back.

To avoid disappointment please check the events listings before heading out to Prohibition Cabaret Bar where we’ll be looking forward to meeting you!


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